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# Sorry but canceled Online Support using chat. With this we want to be closer with our fans. Chat will be without registration, so users will not publish their information.

# 31.10.2013 This site from now will  not publish videos. From now in this site you will find only account.
but if we increase viewers, maybe we made the "full come back" which mean we will post again (videos,magazines,sex-games etc).

# 13.10.2013 Removed 23 posts with broken links.

# 13.10.2013 Now accounts published via adf.ly link. We use adf.ly to win money. Hope to understand.

# 13.10.2013 Come Back

# 27.02.2013 Online Streaming Sex TV Channels.

# 16.02.2013 Come Back

# 23.10.2012 Hot Magazines.

# 11.10.2012 Anime Stream Videos.

# 30.09.2012 Posted first Sex Game. Hope you enjoy them.

# 25.09.2012 Updated Menu Bar information. Updates News available for all.

# 21.09.2012 Updated Search Form. Fixed position. Engine of the search form its powered by Google. Redesign by website owner.

# 20.09.2012 In top of the website is added the " Notificator ". Shows "Offer of the day" "Coming in website" "Last Post added"

# 20.09.2012 From today our website will post Proxy daily. This help if you want to hack accounts.

# 23.08.2012 Added "Contact Form" and "Video Requester"

# 11.07.2012 We make a video tutorial to teaching you how to watch videos in our website. This video you can find on top of website with name "How To Watch Video"

# 17.06.2012 From today our website will post Accounts.

# 21.5.2012 Start posting. Videos hosted by Streamcloud. Videos are converted in SD Quality. We choose this server to host our videos because members can watch videos for free, without any limitation without registration. Server is not on the territory of USA so we don't have problems with 17 U.S.C. § 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

# January 2012 ihck Network start this project. All posts on this site will have about Porn.