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How To Watch Videos
1. Open a video post
2. Click on the button:
3.>>> Waiting time 10 seconds
4.Click a BLUE button "Weiter zum Video" in center of the page.
5.Play The Video And Have Fun


Or Watch The Video Tutorial "Click Here"
How To Report "DMCA Violation"  Video or Account
Is very simple >>>
Copy "URL" of the video and sent as in our contact form with the report why you think that the post is illegally.
Any of this videos that you will find here are not hosted in our server. We just share the video link.
We give the possibility to delete the post but not the video because is not hosted in our server.
You can report and the accounts if this are your property.
Thank You.

How To Use Passwords
When you are logging in the pornsite, there are 4 possibilities:
  1. The login is valid. You receive the Welcome message and you have access to the site. Enjoy!
  2. The login is not valid (Invalid). For security reasons, temporarily, the site is rejecting the login with this account.
  3. The user/passwords does not match. Someone changed the password.
  4. The account is banned.
If a login is “Invalid” does not mean that the password does not work, but the server is rejecting it temporarily . Recognizing this situation is easy because when you log in the website, it asks you to enter again the user and password (without displaying point 3 or 4 messages), give you an unauthorized error…

The website rejects the login with the account due of these reasons:
  • Users with different geographical IP were logged with the account. (Example: US IP Vs EU IP)
  • Many logins in a short time. (Example: 200 in 5 minutes)
  • You have made many unsuccessful login attempts and the website is temporarily rejecting your IP. (You tried a lot of user:passwords)
  • You are logging in behind a proxy server banned by the website.
  • You are logging in with a cookie stored on your browser and you didn’t know it. (Remember delete cookies before login)
How long are these rejects? It depends on each site, 30 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 8 hours…  but never permanent.

All accounts published here are working, remember this simple rule when you log in successfully : DON’T CHANGE THE PASSWORD.

How To Download Videos
For Download videos you need to install "Internet Download Manager"
After install software, click play on the video and software automatically will show download button.

Software "Internet Download Manager" is a Premium software.
To Get This Software For Free Download In The below Link.

Internet Download Manager 6.15 Build 5 Full. (6.03 MB)

Using IDM when you download somethink, you will increase your download speeds.